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Articles in press are peer reviewed, accepted articles to be published in this publication. When the e-ISSN is assigned to the journal, the article in press version will be removed and the final version will appear in the associated published volumes/issues of the publication.

Volume 1 (2013)

Article Title Authors Name Volume, Issue Page Nubmers Download papers
Cryptanalytic Systems Using Rational Unified Modelling Technique Nithin.N , Moulshree Kumar , Sanyogita Sao Volume 1, Issue 1 1-12 Download-pdf
Improved hierarchical clustering using message passing algorithm Sadhana Bijrothiya Volume 1, Issue 1 13-16 Download-pdf

Volume 2 (2014)

Article Title Authors Name Volume, Issue Page Nubmers Download papers
MEUD: Minimization of energy utilization in the Cloud Data Center Nataraj J , Muralikrishnan P , Praveen Kumar J , Priya V Volume 2, Issue 1 1-4 Download-pdf
Real Time Live Fish Object Detection and Tracking In Under Water Stereo Videos M Girija , M Rajasekar , SB Nithiya Volume 2, Issue 2 5-8 Download-pdf
Web Search Result Personalization: Taxonomy and Current State of Art K.Srinivas , V.Valli Kumari , A.Govardhan Volume 2, Issue 3 9-19 Download-pdf
Analysis and Design of Test Case Prioritization: Using Neural Networks and Classifiers Prof. (Dr.) Amit verma , Simranjeet Kaur Volume 2, Issue 4 20-18 Download-pdf

Volume 3 (2015)

Article Title Authors Name Volume, Issue Page Nubmers Download papers
Hamburg Notation System Maninder Kaur , Sandeep kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 1-5 Download-pdf
HamNoSys for Indian Sign Language Sandeep Kaur , Maninder Singh , Pardeep Kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 6-10 Download-pdf
Comparative Analysis of Iterative Waterfall Model and Scrum Charanpreet Kaur, Vijay Kumar Volume 3, Issue 1 11-14 Download-pdf
A Study on Efficient Energy Utilization by Data Centers in Cloud Computing Baljinder Aujla, Arvinder Kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 15-20 Download-pdf
Test Case Prioritization on Regression Testing by Using FTV Pratibha, Ishdeep Singla Volume 3, Issue 1 21-26 Download-pdf
Framework for Covering the Limitations of Web Accessibility Improvement Tools Navdeep Kaur, Vijay Kumar Volume 3, Issue 1 27-31 Download-pdf
Review on the Models of Access Control for Cloud Computing Gagandeep Kaur, Arvinder Kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 32-36 Download-pdf
Analysis of Tools and Techniques in cryptography Prof. (Dr.) Amit Verma , Anjali Gakhar Volume 3, Issue 1 37-44 Download-pdf
Development and Analysis of Software technique in CBSE environment using Feed Forward Neural Network Prof. (Dr.) Amit Verma , Pardeep kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 45-50 Download-pdf
Review on Neural Network Used for Efficient Text Data Classification Sandeesh kaur , Parminder Kaur , Sumit Kaur Volume 3, Issue 1 51-59 Download-pdf
OP: Optimization of Application Packaging Design Nataraj.J , Prof. KamalaKannan .J Volume 3, Issue 2 60-63 Download-pdf
MPN: Monitoring the Proximity of Malware Propagation in Wireless Sensor Network Nataraj.J , Prof. KamalaKannan .J Volume 3, Issue 2 64-67 Download-pdf
Smart Attendance System Using Face Recognition Chaudhari Sagar P , Kulkarni Satyajit Devidas , Prof G.R Surawanshi Volume 3, Issue 2 68-72 Download-pdf
Framework for Web Personalization Using Neural Network Ramandeep Kaur , Iqbaldeep Kaur Volume 3, Issue 2 73-77 Download-pdf
E-ZET: Enhanced Zone and Energy Threshold Based Clustering Routing Protocol Using Greedy Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Gurpreet kaur , Vinay Bhardwaj Volume 3, Issue 2 78-82 Download-pdf
Techniques on Prioritization of Software Testing: A Review Pratibha , Isha Sharma Volume 3, Issue 2 83-87 Download-pdf
Cyclostationary Feature Detection in CRN Kriti , Vikas Wasson Volume 3, Issue 2 88-93 Download-pdf
Query Based System for Data Retrieval Ankita Sharma , Parminder Kaur Volume 3, Issue 2 94-97 Download-pdf
Message Exchange Format Using Automatic Protocol Reverse Engineering Yamini Pathania , Gurpreet Kaur Volume 3, Issue 2 98-103 Download-pdf